about HundredEleven MetaCollection

> HundredEleven is a badass NFT CryptoArt MetaCollection, consisting of 111 pieces.

> HundredEleven uses interchangeable metadata concept; which means each NFT in the collection has multiple different metadata options that owners can switch in between on-chain.

> Which means is: I will be producing different stuff over time, as batches of 111. The media can be audio, video, image, text, conceptual art, webpage, or even an on-chain generated svg. All these batches will be added as a interchangable collection option in MetaCollection smart contract. And if you are a holder, you will be able to switch between those collections on-chain to change the active metadata of your NFT.

> tl:dr, your NFT will get new stuff without getting dilluted by airdrops and such. And this metacollection is gonna be a unique conceptual playground for me.

> i will play with different concepts and put some random shit in there. now i am cursed to think with 111s. i promise you some wtfs. this will surely be an intermedia shitshow artsy fart experience.

> on launch, there will already be 6 collections within metacollection; I plan to make it between 12-15 collections until the end of 2022.

> If you wanna read more on where I got the inspiration and why it excited me, you can read my mirror.xyz article about the project

> The NFT contract uses ERC721A implementation to save you some gas, cause we wanna deflate less ETH, right? lol

> Check Browse Collections page to see all collections. If you own a HundredEleven NFT, go to Change Metadata page to assign your NFT metadatas to whatever you want.

> Keep an eye on my twitter @berkozdemir for collection updates!